I'm done
done tricking you, the reader, my friend on the other side of this screen

what i say, experience, share makes little difference in your life

it is what you say, experience and share

you must be the one who rises up in your agency
you are the only one you need to be in integrity for
you are the only one you need to look at in that morning mirror
and say-- well done good & faithful servant

only you can live a life that recognizes your inherent value
yes, you are always being transfigured, becoming more of who the Divine created you to be

BUT...more importantly, GOD announced
****you belong**** 
when you cheated, 
SHE said ***YOU are MINE***
when you had that angry outburst, 
HE whispered ****come closer****
when you ran far away or got lost

somehow you have become a foreign traveller in your own being
somehow you abandoned the idea of returning home to yourself
because you feared
there was no one there with the
LIGHT left on for you

There is...