Hear the you who desires all the foodstuff, all the yummy drinks? 
See her, love her-- she's the youngest one inside, still frightened she'll starve and be no more

Hear the you hoarding all the shiny things, all the green stuff? See her, love her-- she's barely walking now, very unsteady on her feet

Hear the you shouting WHO AM I???
See her, love her-- she's asking the most valid questions of all

Hear the you daring to love the ones who will break her heart?
See her, love her-- she's so brave and vulnerable
She's growing up into quite a lady

Hear the you trying out her voice?
speaking truth in love...speaking truth in anger
speaking, writing, shouting, whispering, mumbling
See her, love her-- she's not sure you are listening
She's pretty convinced NO ONE is

Hear the you intuiting her life?
Imagining her connecting to God, the rocks crying out, the trees waving at her, applauding her goodness
See her, love her-- she's learning a new language now
deciphering her body's tension, her tears, her goosebumps

Hear the you answering the great call?
Love is guiding her, the river is flowing through her
some days she's sure she's drowning
others, she's floating and overcome with wonder
a prophet for our age
pouring out
for all to join in this kingdom
of heaven coming down